About me

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My name is Melissa Terzi. I am a music student at the University of Oxford. Having completed the DipABRSM diploma in piano performance, I am now working towards the LRSM diploma, as well as the DipABRSM diploma in Instrumental Teaching. 


During my piano performance and music theory education at a conservatoire, I have worked with a number of teachers with different teaching styles. As a result, I have absorbed various techniques and approaches, most of which I actively incorporate into my teaching. While my teaching has mostly taken the form of young beginners and intermediate/advanced level students, I have taught students of all age groups, including adult beginners, both online and in person. 

Other than the piano, I play the organ (Grade 8) and cello, for which I am able to recommend other teachers.

Aside from my practical interests, I spend a considerable portion of my musical life studying music in an academic context. You can find some of my academic writings and think pieces in my blog.